See The Light

See the light is more than just a catch phrase at IRIS Digital Video Systems, it’s something we do very well.

Our patented digital video systems feature “through the camera lens” ATM environmental light monitoring. They also utilize our industry leading transactional image capture technology and allow remote image retrieval by multiple users simultaneously.

In addition, our patented IRIS Teller Sign and Tower Cameras now feature the latest in high-sensitivity imaging circuitry.

IRIS’s team commitment to our customers is among the strongest in the industry. The engineers that designed the original systems in 1994 are still on-board today!  Our sales,  marketing,  and support teams carry that same commitment in their day-to-day efforts to support our dealers, distributors, and customers. Speak to your IRIS representative to determine the IRIS Digital Video System that best fits your needs.

At IRIS Digital Video Systems we always see the light and soon we’ll have you seeing the light too, one image at a time.